Arabia map set up

Arabia is a Random Map in Age of Empires II.

Description Edit

Arabia is a notoriously open map with resources spread thinner than in most maps. Wood typically is in medium-sized bunches, so an early rush with forward placed towers aimed at an enemies wood production can win a game early on. Occasionally wood bunches are spread far from one another making it impossible to turtle or defend from a rush (unless the defending player build towers around its town center). Gold and stone are of average placement, but just like the wood, gold and stone near the front of the camp can lend itself to a target of a rush by an enemy.

Deer and Boars are spread somewhat thin, but providing wood for farms should be the main concern. Early attacks on an enemy resources can cripple him or just end the game outright. When playing on a team, a funnel or springboard strategy (in which one player feeds another) works very well. Arabia is patronized by numerous professional players and is often a tie breaking or final game of a series between two players. With the open spaces, archers are recommended, but infantry will fare just fine.

Civilizations with advantages includes: 

Civilizations that struggle in Arabia includes

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