Andes Tree is an umbrella term for some tree species that appear on the Andes map in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Each tree has 6 hit points, provides 300 Wood, and can be chopped down for wood by Settlers, Villagers, and Coureur des Bois, as with other trees in the game.

Layout of Trees Edit

The Andes map is home to diverse group of trees, all which can be chopped down for wood by Settlers, Villagers, and Coureur des Bois.

Trees can be found everywhere throughout the map, even among the canyons and cliffs. Most of them are clumped along the left side of the map and get sparser going east. Among the trees in the Andes include kapoks, puyas (that are not technically trees, but can still be chopped for wood), and polyepis trees.

History Edit

""The Andes is home to numerous different plants and animals, many of which have played a key role in the lives of the people who lived there.

For example. the wild potato has been cultvated for over 7,000 years and serves as a  vital foodstuff on the high plateaus where it is too cold to grow wheat or maize. Fransisco Pizzaro brought the potato back to Europe after his conquest of Peru.

An endangered tree once vital to the Inca is the Polyepsis, a species related to the Rose. An Evergreen with red, thick bark, the Polyepis has been used for centuries for construction, firewood, and even medicine."

In Game History

Gallery Edit

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