An End and a Beginning
Sforza level 1 map 1

Initial map

Scenario information
Game ForgottenIcon The Forgotten
Campaign Sforza
Civilization Italians
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 1
Previous N/A
Next O Fortuna

An End and a Beginning is the first scenario of the Sforza campaign in the Forgotten expansion of Age of Empires II.

This scenario depicts Muzio Sforza being drowned in the Pescara River, witnessed by his son, Francesco Sforza. The player, playing as Francesco Sforza, must convince all the five captains who were previously serving under Muzio to rejoin under Francesco's banner.

Players Edit

Allies Edit

Captain Bontolmo (Italians)
Captain Guitano (Italians)
Captain Johannes (Italians)
Captain Luigeusi (Italians)
Captain Marcelo (Italians)
Village (Italians)

Enemy Edit

Raiders (Franks)

Gameplay and strategy/tactics Edit

The scenario begins with the Sforza father and son leading a band of Condottieri, and as they reach the river, the father, Muzio, insisted on trying to cross the river, despite flood warning by his son, Francesco. The son helplessly witness his father being swept away by the water tide, while refusing to accept his father's death. Captain Johannes would come and give his condolences, but claiming that the Captains, who were previously serving Muzio Sforza, are not automatically obligated to serve the son. Therefore, Francesco Sforza is now on a quest of convincing all the five Captains, including Johannes, before attacking the Raiders. This scenario is somewhat similar to the Crucible scenario of the Genghis Khan campaign.

To convince Johannes, the player must kill the bandit leader at the west of his camp.

To convince Marcelo, the player must use the Trade Cart he lends the player to collect some hays for him. If the Trade Cart dies, the player will lose the scenario.

To convince Bontolmo, the player must bring him the healer (with the appearance of a monk at the monastery near Johannes' camp, just outside the village. The healer will still remain serving the player. If the healer dies while he isn´t brought at the Bontolmo's castle, the player will lose the scenario.

To convince Luigeusi, the player must send Sforza to collect five wheels from broken carts for him. Note that some of the wheels are broken. The player must fulfill this task before fulfilling Guitano's task.

To convince Guitano, the player must get water from the aqueduct in Luigeusi's camp for his horse.

There is a cave in the east being a passage for Sforza to a tournament ground at the southeast, where he must kill a bear and destroy two stone blocks in order to reveal part of the enemy base. The exit will be marked after the player had done these. However this is optional.

After convincing all the five Captains, the player must to destroy the Raiders' fortress. The player might need to lure out the enemies and kill them before actually besieging. Once the player is done, each of the Captains will pledge allegiance to Francesco Sforza and the scenario is won.