Civilization Greeks
Age/God Hades/ Archaic Age
Unit Type Hero
Cost 100 food
50 gold
Population 2
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
9 0 0
Range 0 feet
Hit Points 250
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
30% 34% 99%
Speed 4.3 feet/second
Line of Sight 16 feet
Train at Town Center
Train Time 9 seconds

"You may feel less like fighting after I pull off your head!"

Ajax's obsession with heads begins.

Ajax is the Archaic Age hero for Hades and also appears in the Fall of the Trident and The New Atlantis campaigns. The stats to the right are for the non-campaign Ajax, who lacks a Shield Bash attack, the ability to be revived and is slightly weaker.

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Age of Mythology - Ajax

Age of Mythology - Ajax

Some of Ajax's in-game dialogue.

Mythology Edit

"Age -- 34
Homeland -- Salamis
Occupation -- Prince, warrior

Special attack -- shield bash sends units flying

The son of the King of Salamis, Ajax was the second greatest Greek champion at Troy, behind only Achilles. Homer described Ajax as a wall, and said he was much taller than other men. When Achilles withdrew from the fighting, it was Ajax who met Hector in single combat. The two heroes fought all day, with only Hector taking a slight wound. Following the death of Achilles, Ajax competed with Odysseus for the armor of the fallen hero. Odysseus proved more eloquent as a speaker, however, and was awarded the prize.

In-game mythology section
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Campaigns Edit

Ajax (SPC) / Ajax (Older)
First appearanceAge of Mythology
Base hit points350
1.5 HP/second regeneration
Pop. use2
Line of Sight17
ResistsHack (50%)
Pierce (50%)
Crush (99%)
Melee damageHack (10)
Melee multipliersMyth units (7)
Set Animals (3)
Siege damageHack (80) Shield Bash
Siege multipliersMyth units (1.5)
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In the campaigns, Ajax has substantially boosted hit points. He also has a shield bash special attack that knocks enemy foot soldiers back a short distance and deals 60 hack damage. Like other campaign Heroes, he regenerates.

In the Fall of the Trident campaign, he meets Arkantos during the Trojan War (it is implied that they already know each other) and accompanies him to Ioklos afterwards. Ajax is typically the "brawn" of the team, not being much of a strategist but a hardy fighter nonetheless.

In the The New Atlantis campaign Ajax, soon to be crowned King of Salamis, leads a company of Greek troops to confront Kastor and the Atlanteans in response to their unexplained attack on Sikyos. However, he joins Kastor after realizing that they had been tricked by Kronos' servant.

Trivia Edit

  • Early screens show Ajax originally was going to use a sword, however this was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Unlike in the Iliad, Ajax does not die from suicide, but instead lives on for at least a decade after the Trojan War.
  • During the campaign cutscenes, Ajax has a sarcastic and rather aggressive atittude.

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