Age of Empires Series Wiki:Polls is a recent addition of the Age of Empires Series Wiki created on 2/20/2017. Here you can create new polls such as "What is your favorite unit?" The purpose of this page is to encourage us to be more active and get to know different opinions from various users and editors across this wiki.

Feel free to make your own polls here. However, please don't make spam polls or copy other polls! Those polls should instead be published on your own userspace such as on your userpage or in your sandbox. Also, please don't edit other polls unless there are typos or missing information. Existing polls that are edited will have the original statistics removed and the votes will have to be accumulated again from scratch. If there are any errors on the polls, it is best to edit them early before others vote, so please make sure to proofread them before publishing! Good polls will be moved to the Age of Empires Series Wiki mainspace.

Units in Age of Empires IIEdit

Gods in Age of MythologyEdit

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