Cover art for the soundtrack

The Age of Empires III Original Soundtrack features almost every song from the game. There are twenty-seven tracks on the disk, including the main theme, Noddinagushpa, and music exclusively from the campaigns. A bonus DVD is also included, containing the tracks missing from the main disk and a special remix of the main theme. This disk also includes the original trailer for Age of Empires III and a recording session video featuring the songs Muptop and Happy to You.

Track List Edit

  1. Noddinaguspa (Main Title)
  2. Across the Ocean Sea
  3. Get Off My Band
  4. Felonious Junk
  5. Runion
  6. A Pirate's Temper
  7. I, Menevero
  8. Scruffy and Underfed
  9. Leisurely Brows
  10. A Hot Meal
  11. Bubble Chum
  12. Of Licious
  13. Rest With Us
  14. Get Ye Sum
  15. Where's My Uncle
  16. Muptop
  17. Meet These French
  18. Old Timer
  19. Major Rewrite/General Chunks
  20. Take His Toes
  21. Happy To You
  22. Camels, Straws, And Backs
  23. Years In The Making
  24. Last Name Crane Ichabod
  25. Ludus Perditus (The End Of Happy Times)
  26. Niceterium (The Sound Of One Hand Clapping)
  27. There Is Weather/Decisions Are Made (End Credits)

Trivia Edit

A short sample of the Age of Empires II main theme can be heard in "Muptop" at 1:31.

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