Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is an upcoming remaster of the original Age of Empires for its 20th anniversary. It was announced on 12th June 2017[1][2] and was set to be released on 19th October 2017 as a Windows 10 and Store-exclusive title.[3] It has been delayed until "early 2018".[4]

New featuresEdit

  • All-new graphics & artwork
  • Attack move functionality[5]
  • Balance adjustments
  • Enhanced pathfinding[5]
  • Increased population limit[5]
  • New zoom levels[5]
  • Remastered soundtrack
  • Remastered sound effects
  • Revamped and expanded UI
  • The good old campaigns with proper spit and polish
  • New terrains & scenario editor objects
  • Classic Mode – The original 1997 experience
  • Plenty a-wololo[6]

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Age of Empires Definitive Edition - E3 2017 Announce Trailer

Age of Empires Definitive Edition - E3 2017 Announce Trailer


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