Admiralty is a Home City Card in Age of Empires III. It is available to most civilizations.

Note: The Iroquois are notorious for lacking this card, significantly diminishing the usefulness of possessing Water Dance.
Name Description Age Level
Admiralty Increases the amount of warships which can be trained. +4 Caravel, +4 Galley (Ottomans), +2 Galleon, +2 Fluyt (Dutch), +1 Frigate, +1 Monitor, +5 Canoe, +8 War Canoe, +2 Atakabune, +5 Marathan Catamaran, +1 Tekkousen, +4 Fune, +4 War Junk, +1 Fuchuan, +1 Wokou Junk, and +5 Fire Ship. 2 0

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