The Battle of Actium (Actium in the original) is the first scenario of the Pax Romana campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The forces of Rome must fight Marc Antony and Cleopatra.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Marc Antony has taken the offensive, crossing the Gulf of Ambracia to shorten the distance between his legions and yours. Cleopatra remains in a defensive posture behind the protection of her Egyptian navy. Should Antony's attack fail, she will probably flee to Egypt where reinforcements await.

Objectives Edit

Strategy Edit

Actium starting base

The player's starting base

There are three enemy forces: Antony (red, Romans), who is close by on the same island as your base. Egypt (brown, Egyptians), who have a base on the southern-most island. And Cleopatra (yellow, Egyptians), who has a stationary navy to the east and three Ballista Towers. To win the scenario you must level Antony and Egypt's Town Centers while sinking Cleopatra's Barge.

First, deal with Antony. A few Cavalry to deal with ranged attackers, some Long Swordsmen to deal with infantry, and a Stone Thrower for Towers will be enough to level his base. First go for the Towers and the military buildings, then head for his town center, to cripple him.

Then, train a navy to control the seas. If resources are becoming a problem, transport some Villagers to the island to the west, there's plenty of wood, stone and gold to gather there.

Take your army, replace anything that's lost, and go south to the Egyptian town but not before leveling down Cleopatra's three Ballista Towers and Antony's Stone Thrower which defend the area. Use the same tactic as before - but since reinforcements would have to travel a long way, it's better to build some buildings on their islands and train the soldiers from there. Either bring a Villager, or convert one. You may also need to train some Chariots as Egypt would have many priests.

Once the Egyptian base is down, your land units are useless, so you can kill them if you lack population. Build Triremes, and assault the navy until Cleopatra's Barge is sunk.