Acropolis is a random map in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires II Edit

Acropolis Preview

The Acropolis in Age of Empires II, note the hills.

Acropolis in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten is different from the AoM version. It is an extremely open map, with players beginning in special hills, with a unique grey texture coloring the slopes. The grey areas of the hills cannot be built upon, thus making the base nearly impossible to wall. Eventually, players will have to descend the hills to gather resources.

Age of Mythology Edit

"Players start with high resources on plateaus with resources in the valleys and around the edges."

Map description

Acropolis also features in Age of Mythology. Players all begin with one Town Center located at the top of a private acropolis, which is an area of higher altitude than the rest of the map. This map is ideal for defensive gods as the acropolis is mainly made up of cliff terrain, which cannot be walked up. The only access to a player's base is through two passages, one facing towards the center of the map, and one on the opposite side, which makes attacks much more predictable. Both passages are also guarded by two Sentry Towers, which when upgraded can deter early game raids, and are relatively narrow, making them easy to wall off. Ra and Isis players benefit the most from this map as their Towers upgrade automatically upon advancing to the Classical Age and they have access to the Roc myth unit that can bypass any obstacle.

Players begin with slightly more resources than normal, which can allow a faster advancement to the Classical Age. The acropolis supports a small forest, one Gold Mine, some Goats and a second Settlement. These resources will not last long and players will be forced to leave the safety of the acropolis to get more of them. The valley below provides additional settlements, Berry Bushes, Deer and more forests, the latter of which are located primarily around the map’s perimeter. There is also a small a pond at the center of the map which may support a few schools of Fish.

Most buildings can be built atop the acropolis to keep them out of reach of enemy attacks. However, if they are built too close to the cliff edge, they can still be hit by archer or siege attacks. Gaia players will have to plan their building placements even more carefully as the lush that grows from their buildings may overlap on the cliff terrain, creating new access points for the enemy.

Gallery Edit

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