A Three-Pronged Attack
A Three-Pronged Attack

The scenario's minimap.

Scenario information
Game RajaIcon Rise of the Rajas
Campaign Le Loi
Civilization Vietnamese
Color Yellow
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 5
Previous Reaching South
Next The Final Fortress

A Three-Pronged Attack is the fifth scenario of the Le Loi campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. The objectives are to defeat Nghe An and Wang Tong.

Players Edit

Player (yellow) Edit

The player starts with three bases, which will be referred to as left, center, right. The player also owns the 3 heroes from the previous scenarios.

The left and right bases have Town Centers and Villagers but center only has military buildings. The player cannot move between the bases until the enemies between them are defeated.

Ally Edit

  • Vietnamese Rebels (Vietnamese) This player is only relevant to the story's advancement. (?)

Enemies Edit

  • Nghe An (Vietnamese) - They have a big base in the south, and will send patrols of 5-10 troops (crossbows, halberdiers, cavalry) to the right base at regular intervals, they have a fort between the player's right base and their main base.
  • Dong Do (Chinese) This player is only relevant to the story's advancement. (?)
  • Liu Sheng (Chinese) Located north across the bridge from you centre base. They will send patrols of Chu Ko Nus, Halberdiers, Cavaliers and Scorpions across the top of the centre base to Wang Tong. A secondary objective is to stop these patrols, which reinforce Wang Tong. They will also attack the centre base.
  • Wang Tong (Chinese) Located between the centre and right bases, they have a large mixed army (that consists mostly of Chu Ko Nus and Halberdiers) which will attack both bases. Their base is only lightly foritfied but does have a castle. They will also use Trebuchets.

Neutral to Enemy Edit

  • Ai Lao (Khmer) Located to south of the left base, they will not cause many problems although it will be needed to defeat them in order to get to the Nghe An base. They will attack only if provoked.

Strategy Edit

First thing is to get your villagers to work and continue to produce villagers until you have 60-80 (pop limit is 200). There is plenty of resources available around the map but make sure you defend villagers if they move far from the town centres, make a few troops to defend mainly your eastern base. Castle and towers are always a good idea, however there is a moderate amount of stone available. When the bases are secured, build an army at your centre base to attack Lui Sheng. 2 trebuchets, 20 Rattan Archers and a few Cavaliers, along with Le Trien, should be enough. Proceed to destroy Lui Shengs buildings and take care not to let any supplies through to Wang Tong.

Once Lui Sheng is defeated there is no other urgent target and as such you could choose freely who to destroy next. Ai Lao or Wang Tong are good candidates.

Finally, proceed to Nghe An with a sizeable army. Once you've destroyed his buildings the campaign should end in victory.

Trivia Edit

  • This scenario's layout might be inspired from the Age of Mythology Bad News and Where They Belong scenarios, both featuring bases that are separated from each other, with the player trying to destroy the enemies between them in order to connect them and proceed with their objective.